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Welcome to New Way, a premier digital marketing and business consulting agency committed to empowering businesses to achieve their fullest potential in today’s dynamic marketplace. We specialize in delivering comprehensive solutions that drive growth, enhance brand visibility, and maximize the overall success of our clients.

The difference

What makes us unique?

The Practice

We offer a combined 50 years experience in professional sales and marketing; business leadership; training, coaching, and mentoring sales teams; and developing businesses from start-ups to multimillion revenue-generating enterprises.

The Knowledge

Formalised Qualifications

The inspiration behind our business

Our Why

To utilise our knowledge and experience to assist growing and struggling businesses to succeed. The industry is saturated with similar services that do not provide value for the client’s investment, whereas our aim is to ensure the solutions provided to our clients will provide and assist with genuine growth opportunities. Furthermore, our key staff are intrinsically driven to assist businesses as satisfaction is received through seeing others grow and achieve goals.

Our hopes, dreams and where we aim to go

To be nationally recognised as one of the leading business development consultants for start-up and small to medium enterprises by setting an industry standard in unique growth solutions. Furthermore, we strive to acquire our future clients through organic referrals and industry reputation.

Who we are and why we exist

To provide industry leading solutions that assist businesses achieve sustainable growth through providing clear communication with intent to understand, agile services that pivot with industry change, unique solutions to client specific problems.

How we operate

Meet The Team

Levi Gilmer


Meet Levi Santiago Gilmer, the dynamic force reshaping the face of business consultancy. Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, then making the move to the scenic Gold Coast, Levi brings a robust and unique experience, melding the worlds of sales, marketing, and entrepreneurial success.

Starting his career journey in the highly competitive arena of car sales, Levi honed his instinctive sales acumen and learned to navigate the intricate maze of marketing dynamics. From these humble beginnings, he dared to venture into the exhilarating realm of startup businesses, where he successfully scaled a fledgling company into an 8-figure powerhouse in the workshop equipment and service industry with his now business partner Stephen Clifford.

With a constant thirst for knowledge, Levi committed to advancing his education in business and marketing, completing his Master of Business Administration (MBA) and various marketing courses. This impressive feat demonstrates his dedication to understanding all platforms and providing comprehensive solutions to complex problems.

Levi’s motivation to launch ‘New Way Business’ stems from years of helping to scale multiple businesses. In his experience, he noticed an alarming trend of agencies that consistently overpromised and underdelivered. Witnessing this gap in the market, Levi saw an opportunity to establish an agency that could deliver true value and exceed expectations with a complete 360 holistic approach.

Moreover, Levi’s passion for empowering others and fostering their growth to success has been a major driving force in his career. In his new venture, he is thrilled to work in close partnership with Steve, bringing together their combined expertise and shared vision for a more effective and authentic business consultancy experience.

An innovator and visionary committed to creating a ‘New Way’ for businesses to grow and succeed.

Stephen Clifford


Introducing Stephen, a seasoned sales and marketing professional with an impressive 16 years of industry experience. Renowned for his expertise in problem identification and innovative solution-finding, Stephen combines the power of creativity, collaboration, and data-driven insights to drive remarkable results.

Stephen’s passion lies in cultivating growth and facilitating continuous improvement, both for individuals and businesses alike. This unwavering dedication stems from his cherished role as a loving husband and father to two wonderful children. They serve as his ultimate motivation, inspiring him to deliver exceptional outcomes with every endeavor.

With an astute business acumen, Stephen possesses an uncanny ability to detect challenges before they arise. Armed with a robust toolkit of strategies, he fearlessly tackles obstacles head-on, transforming them into remarkable opportunities. Drawing upon his deep reservoir of knowledge and expertise, Stephen crafts tailor-made solutions that captivate audiences and propel businesses forward.

Beyond his professional prowess, Stephen harbors a genuine love for our canine companions. A true dog lover at heart, he thrives on connecting with others while sharing his marketing insights and expertise. For a truly engaging and enlightening conversation, Stephen is always up for a chat, preferably with a four-legged friend by his side.

When seeking a dynamic business growth wizard who combines intellect with creativity, Stephen is the ideal choice. His unwavering commitment to excellence, coupled with his innate ability to surpass expectations, will empower your business to reach unprecedented heights.

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